Almost, whew

From Friday at approximately 3:30 until about 12:40 this afternoon I, and others at work, have been in response mode.

I am essentially exhausted. More mentally than physically.
Friday afternoon I took a call from the lab where we send our water samples for testing. We take 60-70 samples per month, so nothing strange at the call. Except they were reporting one sample showed EColi.

This is bad.

Luckily I was able to grab two of our water crew as they were driving away. In short, we took more samples that evening, called a planning meeting for the morning, and notified about two dozen folks to either report on Sunday morning, or be on standby. If the new samples also showed problems we would be in a boil water situation. (We re-test because there are reasons you can get false positives, and that is what’s usually found.)

The lab results were supposed to be available on the new samples between 10-11 am Sunday.
The minutes ticked away. 10, 11, 12 noon.
The lab is not answering their phone.

We finally resorted to sleuthing on the internet. Identified the owner of the lab, got his home phone number from And called. He finally went to the lab to get our results.

A huge sight of relief.
In retrospect the past 48 hours were excellent training, and more than a few employees earned some overtime.

Me, I would have preferred to take a few walks in our balmy 50 degree weather.

(The lab results were delayed because their worker was at church.)

I think I may have a drink.
No, not water. But coffee made with water, and a little something extra added.



One Response to “Almost, whew”

  1. margiegf Says:

    The mental stress would be exhausting! I mostly deal with that kind of issue in my job–too many decisions, personalities, work habits, etc. Glad the water was OK.

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