Did you know – plus it’s Friday the 13th (almost)

It is possible to drive a car without its key!

It is a lesson I learned yesterday.
Actually today is when I figured it out for sure. Yesterday I only suspected.

So – fairly regular morning in the Seattle not quite fog.
Windows need wiping down before driving.
I started the car, key safely in my pocket.
Got out of the car to squeegee off the windows.
Noticed the dome light on in our neighbors car.

I did not want the car to stop if the key was too far away, so I put it on the rear of the car.
Turned off the dome light.
Finished the window chore.
Got in the car and drove to work.

Several hours later, went to leave work.
We had tickets to see Carouse-al at the 5th Avenue Theater, and thought we would get a bite first.

First sign of trouble.
The door did not unlock at my touch.
And that’s when I noticed that the key was not in my pocket.

I had managed to drive to work, and just assumed that the key had to be with me as I drove. So I emptied my backpack, purse, searched the ground around the car, searched my office, retraced my steps through the office.

And remembered putting the key on the back of the car 25 miles earlier.

The key is required to start the car.
Not to drive the car.

LUCKILY, my carpooler was still at work and we each had a car that day.

So we missed the bite out, made the show, and drove around the neighborhood searching for a lost key fob.
No luck. Took the second key to the office today so I could retrieve the car.

So tonight we got to drop the car and remaining key off at the dealer, so they can program a new key – and reprogram the remaining key. That way if somebody found the key – it won’t work anymore.

And my carpooler gets to drive again.
I think I may need to drive every day next week.

AND – since it is Friday the 13th, it must be someone’s birthday.

Definitely the Evil Sister

Definitely the Evil Sister

And, no, it is not my mother’s birthday.

2 Responses to “Did you know – plus it’s Friday the 13th (almost)”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    Love that shirt, Bubs! Oh, and Happy Birthday to (one of?) the evil sister(s).

  2. margiegf Says:

    I never knew that either. Huh. I hope to not repeat what you did; that would be very inconvenient.

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