SUPER BOWL SUNDAY – the early version

Yesterday Carl & I went for a walk.

Nothing new there, but there was a 15 minute stretch when we felt we had taken our lives in our hands feet. All of the drivers seemed very intent, and not patient at all. I put this all down to SUPER angst.

I know many people who are confident, those that are not, and there is just a fair amount of trepidation waiting for the game to start. Almost all offices seemed to have Seahawk day/celebrations. Pictures of office groups abound.

12 flag 95 feet up (in front of our office)

12 flag 95 feet up (in front of our office)

We had our work pot-luck on Wednesday.
That may seem a bit early, but 3 of our 50 were leaving the next day to drive on down.
Given the ticket prices (I heard from 2 people going $2600 and $3000) this game is not likely to ever be in our future.

I am on the nervous nelly side of the fence, and really want this game to get underway.

So I have put together a list of chores that will probably take longer than the 5 hours I have left before the game.


Space Needle with 12 flag

Space Needle with 12 flag

(The crane in the background is near our house – for perspective)


3 Responses to “SUPER BOWL SUNDAY – the early version”

  1. Jay Says:


  2. RegenAxe Says:

    Agreed! To throw away that epic juggling circus catch (pun intended) on the one yard line. But hey, at least your team was there.

  3. margiegf Says:

    Dumbest call ever! I’m starting to get over it and looking around at all the mess in my house and the moss in my lawn.

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