Is the best word for the show we saw tonight.



The Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular, with the Rockettes.


With 3-D.
The second night in a row we were wearing 3-D glasses. Yesterday was the Hobbit #3.
This is day 3 in NYC. Or is it 4?
We arrived here after a15-hr train ride from Michigan. Which started at 3 am. So we were a bit disoriented, and slept in the next morning.
The next day we did venture to the transit museum. It was underground in an old subway station. One of the interesting parts was the old advertisements on the old subway cars.


And of course there was Christmas


Our tree.

A slightly larger tree

A slightly larger tree

In addition to the being with our family, we had a Sherlock Holmes marathon. This actually lasted two days.
Going back a few days earlier, we were in Michigan. We got to see more family.
Mom, Dad and Jane, the entire Courtois-Finlayson family (thanks Liz) highlighted the Michigan visit.

Sorry that this is a bit disjointed, but it is after midnight on a phone. So happy holidays.


3 Responses to “Precision”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    Merry, Merry, Joy, Joy! Best wishes to all. Glad to see a new post.

  2. margiegf Says:

    A wonderful, but tiring trip. It sounds like you’ve fit in a TON.

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