Lovely Day for a Walk

Carl pulled his version of “Let’s Play Two” on me today.
My plan was to walk from our house to Sand Point, probably 3.5 – 4 miles, walk the 3 mile Pancreatic Cancer Walk, and then find a bus back to our neighborhood.

Purple Folks

Purple Folks

Carl first searched a bit for a ride back up the hill, but since all of the cars were full, decided we should walk back instead. Normally a 3-4 mile walk is not such a big thing. But today it was adding up. The walk to Sand Point has a lot of verticality – both up and down. The 3 mile PAC walk was flat, but more like a mall trudge. The walk back from Sand Point has even more verticality than the walk over, because we start at lake level and go back up to the house. The most direct route crosses three major ridges – so you go way up, and then back down, and then up and then – well you get the idea.

We did route ourselves past some prior Carl nanny sites,

Cute house for cute kids - now growing up in Colorado

Cute house for cute kids – now growing up in Colorado

and a glacial erratic that was allowed to stay when the neighborhood emerged. I am not sure if a rather large rock in the front yard is a selling point or not.

Erratic rock - Carl for scale

Erratic rock – Carl for scale

The weather cooperated, and only rained a bit toward the end – holding the heavy showers until we were safely watching the Seahawks on TV. This will be followed soon by the Sounders.

Oh – and then there was the, “things that go bump in the night,” situation last night.
We were both asleep or almost asleep when a large “bump” woke us.

Carl searched through his upstairs area and I made a brief foray downstairs, but we did not find anything out of place. Then in the morning, with the benefit of light, Carl’s Fan murder weapon trophy was found on the floor. This is a rather heavy piece of leaded glass.



The trophy is in two pieces now – as the ball separated from the base. Neither the ball or the base appear to be damaged. But there is a dent in the floor.  The piece had been sitting in its box, vertical, but not teetering on an edge. Maybe there was an earthquake somewhere, or a poltergeist hanging around.

We did give out candy on Halloween. And there were more than one or two kids.
For the first time in many years we had enough kids to worry about running out of supplies.


One Response to “Lovely Day for a Walk”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That is a lot of walking!! And I’m so sorry that Carl’s trophy fell and broke. Can it be fixed?

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