Orchestra Pants

One of the enduring memories of the kids growing up centers on Rey’s orchestra activities.
He took up piano sometime in early elementary school, and then added the cello when instrumental instruction was offered. The cello was eventually replaced with the stand-up bass, which is currently living at our house. (It did take a working vacation to Portland earlier this year.)
Each level of stringe ensemble had a uniform. The shirts were generally white, with additions of bow ties, cumberbuns, frills and tuxedos. The pants were usually black.
One thing you should know about Rey from is that he was quite slim during this time. Buying pants required finding slims, not as easy as it sounds.
Orchestra concerts happened a few times a year. More than once on the day before the concert we would be searching for his pants, as this was the only time they were worn. And on multiple occasions I would say, “No, those are the old pair, where is the newer pair.” Only to realize that these were the new pair, now high-water, and we needed to find a new pair in the next 24 hours.
One time, in high school, we just could not find a pair that fit. In desperation we put him into a pair of my black pants, with a big pin cinching in the waist. This became our solution for several concerts.
This story came to mind yesterday as we walked through the mall that was the sight of many of these last minute pants runs.

One Response to “Orchestra Pants”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I remember looking for dresses/uniforms for my girls for their various performances and how very stressful it could be. They were both very thin, so it was difficult to find anything that would fit.

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