Walking, working , weekend

As is frequently the case I had a bit of work to do this weekend. My initial idea was to do the bit from home Saturday morning, and then move on to other things.
As usual, my plan did not come off exactly as I planned. The computer connection to work would not work, so I could not work.
But it was a nice day, so we decided to venture out on foot. When Mark and Pooh left, they let Carl keep a Boeing step counter. The goal is 16,000 steps a day. So we set out to take 16,000 steps or so. I have not measured the distance, but am guessing about 6-7 miles.
Since the home computer connection was a bust I left for work. Traveling light because I did not plan to spend the whole day. A little too light as it tuned out. No badge.
“We don’t need no stinkin badges!” Not if we don’t mind setting off the building alarm. Which I did. And then silenced the bigger and called in the false alarm.
After that rousing start, I finished two of the three things on my list.
But it was sunny and I was stiff from the Saturday walk. So after returning home, we set out for another 16,000 steps.


Different species in the two pictures, both from the Sunday jaunt.

Oh – and for those that are counting, I am officially out of the NCAA basketball tournament. Before we got to the sweet 16.

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