The Weekend

Sometimes it takes an outsider to remind you how to be a local.

We always say that if you want to do something, don’t worry about the weather (that is “rain”), or you will never do it.

This was really true when the kids were growing up.
Sports? Yes, we rarely cancelled a soccer game. Snow, sleet, pouring rain … play on.

Maybe we are getting soft, because I do check the weather before heading out.
Not that we don’t go, but we can temper the location and length with the predicted arrival of precipitation.

But when you have guests, there is no time to dawdle – must get out.

3-1-2014 (1)

So we set out to go parking. The foot tour encompassed Queen Anne Hill (Kerry Park), Kinnear Park (even though much of the route was closed, sort of), Centennial Park to Myrtle Edwards Park, the Sculpture Park, and finally the Seattle Center (really, a big park).

Sewer system as art

Sewer system as art

Just another tube

Just another tube

Almost spring in the Vivarium

Almost spring in the Vivarium

We visited the EMP in the center, and spent some time in the Fantasy: Worlds of Myth and Magic room. They have a model from one of my long-time favorite movies, The Dark Crystal.

Dark Crystal Mystic

Dark Crystal Mystic

They have a Mystic. One of our favorite scenes plays better as part of the entire movie, but it is linked here, the Skeksis dinner scene (the part at 1:60 had us in the aisles).

I also managed to unpack a few more boxes (files) and am now getting ready to do a little work.
Oh, and watch the Oscars – to decide which films we might try to see.
I don’t think we have seen any of the major nominated films this year.

One Response to “The Weekend”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve only seen Gravity. Weird to think I was in LA for this, but we ignored it and did other things. 🙂

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