Another One Bites the Dust

I think every time we have purchased a piece of exercise equipment, somebody makes a comment about it becoming an expensive clothes hanger.

The first piece we bought was an exercise bike. That was a lit of years ago. I am thinking 25 or so. It broke at the base once. My boss at the time welded it back for us. It is loud and a bit clunky, but it takes the miles.
The second piece was a rowing machine. This was not a well put together piece and saw sporadic use. We purged this hydraulic fluid leaker in our house cleanout.
Third came the universal machine that required a bit of the wrecking ball to fit it in to our workout room. The ceiling was cut out between the hoisted to fit the top of the machine. There was only one place in the room it would fit. The floor and interior walls to the room were demolished in the remodel, and the ceiling repaired. The universal is waiting to be reassembled, and then we will find out if the new room is tall enough (since we removed the floor).
There are some weights and bands that have joined the group along the way.
And finally our favorite, the elliptical.  We got this a number of years ago, at Costco. I took our Prius at lunch to pick up this machine that was on sale. A co-worker was with me to help. When we looked at the box it was clear it was not going to fit in my car. I decided to phone a friend (my carpooler with the SUB). Only my phone was dead. I had to leave the co-worker in the store with the machine while I went to my car where I could plug in and use the car battery. With help on the way, we checked the behemoth box out the door. It barely fit into the larger vehicle. Once home, Ashlan and I put it together. And it served us well from that day forward. A true sweat machine.
It was one of the few pieces that never left the house during the remodel. It moved about the basement, and yes, more than one worker hung their sweatshirt on the handles. But Carl would sneak out of the apartment to spend an hour or two sweating in the basement.
But today, after an hour of work, a weld gave way.
What it should look like.

When it detached.

The jagged edge

I have started the hunt for a replacement so these oldies can continue to sweat.
A lot of words for a thing, but we will miss it. Only good thing about the timing is that our last big trash run is yet to come. It just got a bit bigger.

One Response to “Another One Bites the Dust”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I gave Patt’s elliptical to his nephew or you could have it. I am a runner. I don’t like exercise machines. (wish I did, so I could STAY DRY)

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