Snow for Rosie the Lego Woman

It was so nice and sunny early on, we decided we had to take a walk.
About 5 miles down to the Seattle Center.

The attraction?
A bunch of Lego.

This particular Lego exhibit is all about buildings. Big buildings.

Chrysler Building

Chrysler Building

They also had an area where you could build your own.

Build your own area

Build your own area

Russell Wilson is Everywhere

Russell Wilson is Everywhere

5 miles was all we planned for walking, so we mass transited home via the Monorail and bus.

Then, after a short rest (and dinner), we got in the car and drove back to the Seattle Center.
When we were downtown earlier, we had considered just hanging around and bumming a ride home later, but no.

And now, as we headed out again, our sunny day had turned to snow.
Not quite predicted snow. But we had a show to see – so onward.

After the show it was still snowing. Traffic crawled out of the Center area – a combination of several shows getting out, 3 lanes into one, closed roads and detours. Oh, and snow, although the snow was not part of the problem, until we got going faster. We saw a few people slide, a few people going slower than was really safe, but no major problems on our route. Other roads in the area were shut down.

Hats for Bats

Hats for Bats

Home, safe and sound, although happy that we did not have to traverse any of the steeper hills.

One Response to “Snow for Rosie the Lego Woman”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Those hills are terrifying in the snow. Ashley used to live on 25th and Denny and there were some places around there that they closed in the snow. Cool lego exhibit, very creative.

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