The 39 x 10 – 2 Steps

It was sunny today (after the morning fog).

So after dishes, some laundry, a bit of work work, a Skype session and hemming one of four curtain panels, we set out. Both of us thought we would get back after the sun had set.

Carl wanted a workout, I wanted a walk.
There was still plenty to do at home – the other 3 panels for instance – but it was sunny, so we had to go.
(It was only in the 30s, but balmy compared to most of the rest of the country.)

Simple straight forward route.

  • South down Roosevelt/Eastlake for 3 miles
  • East up 388 steps to 10th Ave. (about 1/4 mile)
  • North up 10th, Broadway, Harvard, Eastlake and Roosevelt (really a fairly straight walk, just that the road names changed several times) for 3 miles

And the sun was still in the sky when we got home.
It was not shining down on the street, but it was hitting the upper stories of buildings.

A few statistics:

  • Minimum elevation = -71 ft (we did not get wet)
  • Maximum elevation = 269 ft
  • Total ascent = 1370 ft
  • Total descent = 1378 ft (I was in the basement when I shut off the app)
  • Total distance = 6.26 miles.
  • Average speed = 3.1 mph (including a stop in the grocery store on the way back)
  • Slowest speed (on the stairs) = 1.1 mph

These are only as good as the Endomondo app. But it’s fun to track it sometimes.

Walking route gains and losses

Walking route gains and losses

Time to spend some time with the newspaper.

2 Responses to “The 39 x 10 – 2 Steps”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Is that app on your phone? It sounds cool! I need to get a smart phone!! I love to walk and hope to do more of it once the evenings get lighter. Running is faster, but harder on the joints.

    • raincharm Says:

      Yeah – an app on the phone with the companion web-site. The graph is from the web-site, although the I-Phone may have it. (I am android) Endomondo – and it’s free.

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