So we went to a birthday party today. For the 3-year old Carl cares for.

Three at last, three at last, three at last. (Sagan shares a birthday with MLK)

Three at last, three at last, three at last. (Sagan shares a birthday with MLK)

It was at the zoo, around 1-1/2 miles away, so we decided to walk.
After the party we walked around a mile more to Sagan’s house to watch the Seahawks and 49ers play for the NFC Championship, and a trip to the Super Bowl.

At half-time we decided it was time to start for home.

seahawk cloud

The sun was setting and our route had some less than well-lit areas.

The route was mostly residential areas.
We would look for houses with the big screen TVs.
Honestly, we could not see much in houses TV, but there were a few times when there were cheers wafting from one house, and then another. Eventually we started leaning toward the neighborhood business areas. Find a bar and check out the score. Restaurants. As we neared our neighborhood the Seahawks were picking up the pace, and took the lead. We decided we should stay out, so we started taking a rather circuitous route – picking up probably four or five more bars.As we approached the Café Racer, the place sort of erupted. This was the final interception of a 49er pass, in the end zone. At that point we decided we could go home. 8 miles total, and we are going to the SUPER BOWL!



6 Responses to “SEAHAWKS WIN!!!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    YAY Seahawks!! I didn’t have the nerves to watch most of the game, but I was very excited when they won. 🙂 My late husband would have been over the moon!!

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    Love the sunset picture with the clouds! We switched over to “Downton Abbey” at 8:00 CST, so we missed the 4th Qtr. It seems like it was THE quarter to watch, but I had other priorities.

  3. jane Says:

    I did not see any of the game because I had 5 for dinner and then Downton watching (we watch a week behind so it finished before 10:00). Not sure where Rey ended up with his watching – at home or a bar, but I couldn’t host him and Downton at the same time. ;-(

  4. Cliff Wilson Says:

    I would love a copy of the Seahawk cloud photo it is so cool.

  5. Cammy Lauderback Says:


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