Rock Hopping

As I may have mentioned before, one of the last major items on our house project was to divert some roof runoff further from the house. This ended up being a French drain in the same location as a somewhat broken sidewalk next to a somewhat muddy grass strip. The solution was to replace said sidewalk and grass strip with a new walkway. After much discussion and deliberation (landscaper, us, neighbor & owner of said muddy grass strip) we decided on stone pavers. Real stone.

The landscaper found a reasonably affordable supply and went to work.
When I got home tonight, the stones were laid out from the front walk to the back deck.
It reminded me of rock hopping around the point at the cabin. (Now they were all flat, and there was no water in sight. But one or two did rock a bit when stepped on.)

Walkway layout at the bottom of the deck

Walkway layout at the bottom of the deck

I am very pleased.
And it looks like there are a few leftovers.
If they truly are extra, I have a plan for them on the other side of the deck.

He (the landscaper) is really working to complete this soon because his wife is due to have their second child any day now. Since the walkway is essentially usable in this state, we can be as flexible as he needs us to be.

I am also excited to actually see this creation in the light of day.
It is definitely the dark season here, and there have been several late nights at work to boot.
Speaking of work – it appears that one of our major issues at work this past few years is nearing a resolution. Finally. I think having a new mayor was a contributing factor, or a least very coincidental that he took office and we are heading toward a resolution within a month.

And in other news, Rey is heading out on a little excursion tomorrow, and he is not quite sure where he is headed. (Sometimes these can be the best sort of excursions.) Last I heard he is heading from TN to Lexington, KY. At Lexington he will probably make a Wisconsin vs. Michigan decision. If not at Lexington, perhaps at Cincinnati. Who knows.

One Response to “Rock Hopping”

  1. Margaret Says:

    The rock looks very promising! I can’t wait to see a photo in the light. 🙂 Glad that work issues are resolving. In education, if one gets taken care of, another one pops up. Constantly.

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