Back to Work

Unlike some of my eastern brethren that had a day off, I started what will be the first 5 consecutive work days in a long while. (Now not all of the eastern folks had the day off. Those that have alternative transportation modes that continue to operate, have continued to earn their wages.)

And I really did work 5 days last week, but they were not all full days.

I have found I am happiest when I am into a project and moving it forward. I get disgruntled when I am floundering around, not making progress. It is ok to flounder for a bit trying different data queries. I don’t consider that floundering. It is simply education.

Today was a generally good work day. Hopefully this will become a trend.

One Response to “Back to Work”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Floundering is NOT a productive feeling and we all want to feel like we’re accomplishing something. I’ve gone from nothing for two weeks to a 5 day work week. I hate getting up early and going out in the cold, but I do enjoy having a routine. I need it.

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