Happy New Year 2014 – UPDATE

Yes, I made it to midnight.
Carl only made it to 11:45.
Luckily, we were at home, and in bed by then.
Some old Twilight Zone episodes were helping us pass the time, but were not quite enough to keep our eyes wide open. (We did turn to the station showing the Space Needle party for a bit, but I find network personalities trying to party with the crowd really awkward.)

There were some local fireworks in the neighborhood, and I opened the bedroom blinds to see what we could see from our house. On certain occasions we are able to see the top of fireworks from the city show. I am not sure whether the Space Needle New Year’s event would have flown high enough into the air to see from our house.

There was no way this year.
Even the TV show did not really show all of the fireworks.
In a word FOG.

Luckily there was quite a display coming off of the legs of the Needle as well, and those were visible.
I wonder what it was like for those at the top of the Needle.
There own private show in the clouds?

Today I was planning to work on a chapter for work.
I really was ready for this work, but I don’t seem to be able to long on remotely.
Now the decision is whether to drive in to work or take the day off.

Update: I did drive in to work.
Remote was not working because apparently my password expired yesterday. Why it did not alert me yesterday at work, I do not know.
Reason that “Work” knew I needed to go into the office, was that our phone system did not go onto Holiday mode, and was just ringing with nobody there to answer. I was able to get it into “Night” mode which pages our on-call people. This is necessary because if anybody called in something important (like a main break), they really should get an answer.

I don’t generally make these specifically, but I do want to just keep moving more this year.
And I don’t mean moving domiciles.

One Response to “Happy New Year 2014 – UPDATE”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t do resolutions–because I probably wouldn’t keep them or would feel pressured all year to do what I resolved. There was lots of booming around here, WAY before midnight. Happy New Year and thanks for the card. I’m expecting to get mine in the next couple days and get them out soon. 🙂

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