Finally – time to get ready.

It’s beginning to look more like Christmas.

I should have written that the day it snowed.
Carl made his requisite snowman, and then another.
They both tipped over almost immediately.

That was on Friday morning, and we still have a small pile of snow in the front yard.
We are prepared to declare it a WHITE CHRISTMAS!

The real looking more like Christmas is the tree.

12-24-2013 - finally tree

The tree itself is one of the best shaped trees we have had for several years. It finally made the journey from the deck into the house on Monday, and this morning (Tuesday) it got lights. A few ornaments have been added, and I think we are now officially ready.

12-24-2013 decorations

We don’t discriminate – any kind of decoration may make the shelf.

Other momentous events since the last posting.

  • Rey arrived home on Friday night. (The airport was so busy that the side-highway to the airport was backed up to I-5. We took Hwy 99 instead. (Why did I check traffic at 11 PM??))
  • Ashlan arrived home on Saturday night. (The airport traffic was only backed up on the approach road. And she arrived 45 minutes early. We were driving home before she was supposed to land.)
  • All three storage units are empty of our stuff!
    The last two items were disposed of through the Craigslist free site, posted yesterday – gone today.

It has been really nice to have a few meals around the table, chatting with the kids. Sort of like old times.
And their arrival hastened a bit more unpacking that might have taken longer. And they helped crush the rolls of cardboard floor protection to put out with the recycle. Interesting folks, and helpful too.

I hope everyone that might read this has arrived safely at their destination for the holidays, and good tidings.


3 Responses to “Finally – time to get ready.”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    Merry Christmas!

  2. kayak woman Says:

    Well, I have spent [part of] my day trying to conjure up images of where I might have stashed things like my big glass xmas tree plate, etc. (Thinking about your unpacking…) At least I haven’t been drafted to deal with the plugged bathtub drain.

  3. Margaret Says:

    It is looking wonderful there! I was/am excited to have my kids home for a while, although Alison is off to her b/f’s family today.

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