Home Work

Today was a day of visitors to our house, so I stayed home to work and welcome them all as they arrived.

The visitors included a garage door guy, some delivery persons, an unexpected delivery person, and the general contractor.

Between these I was supposed to be working from home.
The last few times I have worked from home have been pretty productive.
Today – not so much, but work did get done. It just took longer to hit my stride.
I think it was all of the little interruptions along the way, including an adorable 2-1/2 year old that wanted me to play with her.

So now we have a full bed – with box springs to try out.
We have a garage door almost installed, but not quite. (Our 1926 garage door opening includes a wall that is slightly canted inward on the side with no extra room for adjustments.) More parts are needed so the installer can continue to improvise his way around our less than square opening. So it looks like a new door. Just not one that can be opened.
And we have a plan for our side yard side walk. (Now we just need to see the cost estimate.)

And I did finally finish reviewing the chapter that was primary on my to-do list.
Still have to review the figure that goes with the map. Something to look forward to for tomorrow.

And for dessert – look into the unexpected delivery.

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