Bed Games

From the prior post you should know that the bed frame was successfully put together.

Yesterday’s activity was to have the box spring and mattress delivered and installed.
Carl was present for this activity – or at least the attempt at this activity.

In an earlier episode of our move back home we attempted to carry a dresser up to the second floor.
This involves going through the doorway and turning 90 degrees – all while going up a step or two.
After about 5 minutes of jockeying the dresser, including removing the feet, the neighbor on the uphill side of the dresser said, “This dresser did come down the stairs on the move out, didn’t it?”. At which point we realized that no, it had not in fact ever traversed the staircase because it was in a downstairs bedroom before.

The dresser is now upstairs, after having been taken apart and put back together in the new location.

So the box spring effort brought back those memories.
Unfortunately, it is not easy to just take apart the box spring and reassemble it at the top of the stairs.

Fortunately, this was are not the first house where a bed delivery has encountered this problem.
They make box springs that come in two pieces.

Also fortunately, the mattress did make the journey upstairs successfully.
Mattresses squish and bend.

The whole incident resulted in several phone calls during which at least twice people were on two phones between three people, at the same time

  • Carl calls Jay to tell her about the situation.
  • Jay calls Macys to tell Jan (Yan) about the situation. (It took several minutes to get to Jan, going through customer service, their 2 attempts at a transfer, (during which time Carl called Jay and Jay tried to carry on two conversations),
  • Jay is finally transferred successfully to Jan and we are finally talking about the situation, and getting the split box spring order started – when the phone line goes dead.
  • Jan calls Jay (on the home phone number) and Carl answers.
  • Jay, using her work phone, calls Jan and “furniture” answers, telling Jay that Jan is on another line. (Jay explains Jan is trying to talk to her)
  • Jan transfers to Jay’s call.
  • Carl calls Jay on Jay’s cell phone, which Jay answers – now talking to both Carl & Jan for at least a moment.

The result is that the bed is now half made.
Literally. After spending the night on the new mattress (wonderful night of sleep) the covers are a bit disheveled.
I had always tried to be good about pulling up the covers on the water-bed, because they keep the heat from escaping and running up the energy bill.
I don’t have that same issue now, and should make the bed just because it is neater.

This morning I was actually moving in that direction, but the phone rang.
I blame the current state of the bed on the Boy.

2 Responses to “Bed Games”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I still have a waterbed but will have to get rid of it eventually. (too hard to drain and fill and my husband did all of that) I do love it though. What did you get?

    • raincharm Says:

      We got a beautyrest comforpedic. It is a memory foam type. So fat so good. We got a “plush”, which was not the most firm. I know when we would sleep on regular beds after the eagerness, I would always have sore points.

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