A tale of two weekends

Last weekend was one of those where there was not much time for anything other than what was done.

This weekend is slightly more leisurely.

breakfast fixings

breakfast fixings

Last weekend we went to two shows, moved out of two storage units, and rearranged much of the moved matter again.

This weekend we went to a dinner, moved about 1/4 of a  storage unit, and shifted stuff around the house some more.

In between the new carport is starting to take shape, flooring has been installed in our closet, and DirectTV has been added to our lives.


The shows from last weekend: Les Miserables at the Village Theatre in Issaquah. The Hounds of the Baskervilles at the Seattle Rep. pay

Les Miz was absolutely outstanding. Everything. Made fighting through the stinging rain and wind to reach the theatre worth the effort. The Hounds was also a good show. Carl gave it a rave review. He has known the story since a high school class. I (unfortunately) fell asleep in the 3rd act. It had nothing to do with the show, and everything to do with prior events of the day.

This weekends dinner was a very nice affair with one of Carl’s teammates and other associated persons. Baseball was the initial common denominator, but of course talk ranged from kids to refinished floors and even a bit of the political spectrum.

The moves: Saturday = Storage Units 2 and 3 to the house. Sunday = Everything moved into the garage into the house.

Saturday’s move was accomplished by four people all over the age of 55. Yeah for us! And we all survived, and even felt better for the effort (in the end). Kudos to Mark H and Lisa T for their assistance – we could not do it without your help, and are still searching for some way to repay your efforts.

Each storage unit essentially filled the 19-foot truck. [If this was a longer haul we would have packed more efficiently, but this was definitely a short haul.] So we had two trips, with a lunch intermission. Furniture went to the appropriate room, identifiable boxes went to an assigned room, and everything else went into the garage. I was going to get a picture of the garage – stuffed to the doorway, but the camera phone ran out of battery charge at the opportune moment.

[There are a few items left in Storage Unit #2. Four chairs that should never see the interior of our house again (dinette style with orange flower vinyl backs), the waterbed frame which is likely to be posted soon on Craigslist, and most of the Parabody Universal workout unit, which is waiting for space to be opened up in the basement for re-assembly.]

Sunday’s emptying of the garage was needed as the garage serves as the work area for the contractor, who is currently building the carport. Much of the move was from the garage to the basement, but a few boxes did move up when we finally determined what was in said box.

New carport skeleton

New carport skeleton

This weekend has seen emptying of portions of Storage Unit #1. Carl has been accomplishing this one car-load at a time.

The carport is the most worthy addition of mention for this past week. It will have a shingled roof once it is done, and pickets along the side that match the back-deck. The minimum height over the driveway is 6’6″. This is a huge switch from the prior carport. The prior carport was responsible for knocking down Bob (Carl’s dad) and rotating at least one car-top ski-rack (and this was after we took off the first section of roof to allow the mini-van of the moment to fit under the roof). It also had a corrugated plastic finish that had weathered past any semblance of looking “nice”.

Old carport with Sagan

Old carport with Sagan

The garage door at the bottom of the driveway is also slated for replacement.
The springs had broken – or more specifically, some metal part of the door lifting/spring operation.
And of course the old door is an odd size …
And yesterday, after extracting an old kitchen shelving unit from the garage for re-use in a deserving friend’s house, the door did not close quite properly. And then took a short ride on Jay’s back. And is now in a vertical position, awaiting the contractor’s ability to get it through the next week or two until the new door arrives.

2 Responses to “A tale of two weekends”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like it’s been a mix of TONS of moving and unpacking and lots of fun, like plays and dinner. My friend from Issaquah is a big fan of that theatre.

    • raincharm Says:

      So much fun that we played hookey this afternoon and took a walk in the cold sunshine – to look at mattresses. WOW – they are expensive.

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