So I finally made it to Disneyland. It took until afternoon because we started on the California Adventure side. Ferries wheels that swing, 3D muppets, Cars, monsters Inc, and the California Scream Machine. In reality the scream gets more press, but the ferries wheel induced more stomach churning moments.


It felt like we were in Disneyland last night. But we were only in Disney downtown for dinner at Ralph Brennans Jazz Kitchen. Good food, good music, and a chance for me to finally see Ashlan and Catie.


Disneyland in the afternoon was a sea of people. We did manage the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, but really not much more than people watching and scoring a table at the ESPN Zone so we could watch the start of game 3.


Scream Machine


In the swinging ferries wheel

We are relaxing in our room in the 8th inning with St. Louis up by two, and the Red Sox threatening.

2 Responses to “Disneyland”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve been twice and haven’t been on very many rides. I don’t like heights, get motion sick and dislike crowds. So it’s better for me to people watch and eat! 🙂

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