Once a month – is that frequent enough?

I believe it is still August.
So this will be my post for August.

It has not been for lack of action, more likely for too much action.

Then again I like to blame the apartment’s energy zapping heat for my inaction.

Who knows.

We are on vacation again.
This time in Michigan. This is day 3 or 4, but the first two involved travelling, so they almost do not count.

I should be on the beach about now, but it is raining.
I think the boys (Carl & Rey) are at a bar watching a ball game.
Really just a guess. They went out for a bag of marshmallows.
[Update – they went to the Dancing Crane to get coffee.]

[Yes, Carl is avoiding sugar, but Rey is not. And since tonight’s dinner will be hotdogs roasted over a fire in the fireplace, there must be S’mores for dessert. Thus the need for marshmallows.]

Jane, Gene & Harry are in the big room, reading or some other sort of diversion, and I am typing.

I am going to skip the house report for now, and concentrate on this family based vacation.
In copying pictures from the phone, I have been informed that it is now September (not August). Oops.

There are two families in attendance between the two cabins, and a few more folks down the beach.

Carl & Rey - downbeach

Carl & Rey – downbeach

Rey & Jay - upbeach

Rey & Jay – upbeach

Mom (Bubs, Bugs, Gene) and Dad (Harry, Horsey)

Mom (Bubs, Bugs, Gene) and Dad (Harry, Horsey)

Jane & Liz

Jane & Liz

I have not captured everyone yet. This is partially due to my try at embracing this as a vacation.
Not that this is how I remember spending my summers  here several decades ago.
I am now expected to do more than just the dishes and sweeping.
Actually, come to think of it, I have done dishes, some sweeping and made the coffee. So that is not too much more.

And Carl has done more.
From our first day “on vacation”

And for those that want to know, we have all been fully into the water. Dunked.

The water = Lake Superior, St. Mary’s River, big cold lake, and source water stream (Doelle’s end)

Moving water & sand. Hydraulics at work

Moving water & sand. Hydraulics at work

Freighter downbound

Freighter downbound

Articulated Push Tug Presque Isle

Articulated Push Tug Presque Isle

Rey's 26 silhouette

Rey’s 26 silhouette



3 Responses to “Once a month – is that frequent enough?”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    Huzzah! A new post! Love the people and the pictures. The silhouette of Rey has gorgeous colors.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I love looking at people’s photos, but they can take lots of time to upload and put into a post. But where is KW?? 😉 Is the house a touchy subject?

  3. RegenAxe Says:

    So is it September yet? My calendar says October 3rd, but maybe you haven’t flipped yours over yet. — your evil sis. 😉

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