Asbestos – yet again

Where the closet once stood there was a vent at the back. This vent fed the dining room with heated air.
Apparently there is some sort of asbestos tape or covering associated with this vent.

Vent at bottom of closet back

Vent at bottom of closet back

And so, just as I was getting used to not working on the house or moving, it will be back into the white suit – perhaps as early as tomorrow.

Black Bag over Asbestos

Black Bag over Asbestos

This is the hall of many doors. There were 7 (Kitchen, bathroom, study, Rey’s room, basement, dining room, closet). Now there are fewer, 2 down, 1 more to go, but when some that are down are just hanging around it gets down right confusing.

In other – non-demolition related news – there is new wood in place.

Kitchen extension floor

Kitchen extension floor

One Response to “Asbestos – yet again”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That plague of asbestos! Makes everything a hassle. (and more dangerous)

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