Look Closely

In case you have not been following this (almost, sort of) daily record, I am trying to stop by the house every day and see what has transpired.

What a difference a day can make.

Revierse View - clearer today

Reverse View – clearer today

Notice the missing studs. And the vertical boards are gone too.

From the kitchen - east

From the kitchen – east

Closet wall gone. The area seems large now.

Moving to the outside. The Strongties have gone vertical.

StrongTies up

StrongTies up

Side view of the Strongties.

Walls in transition

Walls in transition

I tell myself to slow down and really look at what is in front of my face.

6-14-2013 (11)

Notice the area under the floor. Most of this was outside of the basement, and under the kitchen nook. I think this was at least part of an addition to the original house. I was looking at the brick work. Then I looked more closely. I now think they put on the addition in 1947.

Fancy Header

Fancy Header

This has the date – and a notice for Contract Bridge lessons.
I remember playing with my parents Contract Bridge game. I wonder if it is still around anywhere.

6-14-2013 (14)

The royals are in the news. (Carl notes that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have been married just a bit longer than his parents, who celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary today.)

Honeymoon plans

Honeymoon plans

News from Flint, where they are considering eliminating gear shifts.

Apparently trying to make the car drive like a tank.

Apparently trying to make the car drive like a tank.

Traffic Court ideas.

6-14-2013 (18)

An Arthur Murray advertisement – noting that in 1947 they had been around for 33 years. (Almost 100 years old now)

6-14-2013 (19)

Ship Movements (I don’t think these are reported in the daily paper anymore)
[Look closely below the fold – I think it is a house for sale for $8,850!)

6-14-2013 (20)

A Snookums comic

6-14-2013 (17)

Every now and then today’s cartoon artists will complain about the shrinking amount of space they are given for their art. I get it now. This Prince Valiant comic has a full page.

6-14-2013 (1)

Finally pulling myself away from the news.

Appliances amoung the Calla Lilies

Appliances amoung the Calla Lilies

5 Responses to “Look Closely”

  1. Jay Says:

    If you embiggened any of the pictures to read the articles, you may have noted the traffic court judge’s name, DeGrief.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Those old newspapers look fascinating. I LOVE stuff like that!!

    • Jay Says:

      And I just read an article where a Minnesota man is finding old comic books in his house, worth thousands. If only ….

  3. RegenAxe Says:

    1947 was the year Bubs graduated from high school.
    Go Blue Devils!

  4. kayak woman Says:

    Loving the progress although quite envious. Must get going!

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