Scarves Up

We went to a double header yesterday – Mariners/Sounders.
With dinner at a very upscale restaurant in betwteen.
The upscale restaurant was in exchange for the very stinky restaurant we started in.
Of course, the girls were appropriately dressed. Carl was in his Sounders shirt – acceptable, and I was in a tie die top with shorts. And hair that never had been combed that day, or styled for like 10 years.

Betweeen the nathional anthems and the start of the game they frequently will stage a tifo in the end zone seats.
This was yesterday’s offering.

Sounder's Tifo

Sounder’s Tifo

This is what they were trying to emulate really looks like.

Crowd version of Scarves Up

Crowd version of Scarves Up

A good game against one of our close rivals, the Vancouver Whitecaps.
Sounders scored a goal, which was almost immediately matched by the Whitecaps.
Then the Whitecaps scored again. It took a while, but finally the Sounders evened the score, and then took the lead.
The Whitecaps looked very fast, but maybe they got tired toward the end.
The Sounders looked a bit out of sync with each other. This may have been due in part to having 3 players gone to play with their national teams for World Cup qualifiers, and the usually smattering of injuries.

(Mariners played and lost to the Yankees. Enough said.)

In other news, I did a little work at the house today, wrangling garbage.
Staging garbage is more like it. Putting what I could into our four “garbage” cans that we had for garbage and yard waste, before cans were provided by the city. And there is an old diaper pail with some tall pieces that will not fit into said cans. And a box or two and car seat and car seat bottom that just won’t fit either. I am trying to size up whether we can get it all into the car (on their sides of course) for one dump run ($30/load) – or if I will end up putting the cans out at the curb as extra trash ($10/can) and take the rest as one run ($30/load).

Yes I am starting to focus in on the little things that cost money and add up in the long run.

And in the long run, I may be getting some more exercise.
We decided that paying for a parking space that you can not reasonably easily fit your car into did not make any sense.
So there will be a $100/month savings. But of course, no place to park.
But we can park at the house, and walk the 10 blocks.

It has not really rained on us yet. Perhaps I can stage some umbrellas at the house for those special days.

3 Responses to “Scarves Up”

  1. Margaret Says:

    What were the restaurants? It sounds complex, but logical. I need to make several dump runs but have no pick up to do them in.

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    Can you use trash pickup at both the house and the apt?

    • raincharm Says:

      Yes, but I don’t think they would appreciate broken hockey sticks and garden cloth in the apartment chute. But we won’t be carrying any trash home from here.

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