More house work

So I skipped the Mariners game today.
Carl went.

It was sunny and the Ms won.

I did a bit of work, and when Carl got home we got to the real work.

Our goal was to figure out how to get the vinyl siding off of the back of the house, so we could get to the asbestos next. One step at a time.
After all, we have the boxes and we have the bags.

My idea was to get the top cut into the vinyl with a box cutter.
This meant climbing up the ladder, and trying to cut.
It did not go well. No cut, just a few scratches.
Carl suggested we try a lower section to figure it out.

What we figured out is that it works to just kind of rip it off the side of the house.
The first piece that is. Then it is un-nailing, unscrewing, and keeping the vinyl and styrofoam separate from the sharp pieces.

We lost one piece of the cedar siding underneath the vinyl.
It was not in the best shape.

At some point Carl noted that what we were not seeing was ……. ASBESTOS.

Apparently they must have removed the asbestos when adding the vinyl siding, except in the entry to the kitchen. So, one less thing to deal with. Except for the part from the kitchen entry.
Bags, Boxes, and hardly any asbestos to fill them with.
Boxes we will use anyway. And Carl only got half of the bags I intended. Apparently he had a premonition.

We are still going to try to finish this portion of the siding removal.
It will save paying the contractor for this much demo – that they would likely finish in a few hours.
And if it gets too dicey, we will just stop.

One Response to “More house work”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Oh, your job on the house sounds LIKE NO FUN. I am getting some remodeling done on my house and am already dreading the stress.

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