graphic: Seattle Women's Chorus 2012-13 Winter Concert

This is where we were last night, at the Seattle Women’s Chorus concert, with Vicci Martinez.
Ms. Martinez is a fairly local product (Tacoma), and was on the Voice. I never saw her on the voice, but she sure has a great pipes.

It was fun. So crowded after the concert in the lobby that we never found our friends that sing in the chorus. We did run into an old acquaintance, parent to one of Ashlan’s friends growing up (Kyranny).

It was nice to have a break from the grind.

[I am actually back at the grind right now, but taking a break to communicate.]

Work is just endless right now, and for the foreseeable next few months.
So we will take our breaks when they appear.

I am also going to try to push a “fun” project at work next week.
Not a project I will probably get to work on, but one that might have some fun results.

On a visit to Ann Arbor a few years ago we ran across the hydrant exhibit outside of the old Fire House.
We have old hydrants in our bone yard. I thought it would be fun to paint them up and mount them in our “front yard” at the office. They could be painted by either us or outside folks. Kind of like the pigs, horses, and whatever else sprouts up around cities from time to time. We will have to see if I can generate any kind of enthusiasm. I think the key may be getting time alloted from normal work schedules to put it together.

The first hydrant is one of those in Ann Arbor (out of service), the others are in Cleveland – an in service.

And I had a moment of private satisfaction when a problem I had pointed out and had a little bit of an eco-freak hissy fit about at work, is actually going to get addressed. And it has been less than a month since the fit. The resolution may take a bit longer, but at least it has been recognized as a problem that must be resolved.

All for now – back to the grind.

2 Responses to “Celebrate”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve heard her name but never heard her sing. LOVE the hydrants–so cheery and unique. 🙂

  2. Margaret Says:

    Oh, and YAY for hissy fits. I’ve been having a few of them at work myself. (in private since it involves other “teachers” in my department)

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