So yesterday was all about calming influences.

Today was all about hyperness, short relief, frantic helpfulness, and a request kind of out of left field that took way more of my time than I had the energy to give.

I am all about helping folks (in-house and out-of-house) at work.
I am there to provide support and information.

But I do expect others to try and hold up their end as well.
That seemed to be in shorter supply than normal today, so my support work today was not focused on my core issues (that is to say, issues that will be measured to see how I am doing). That sounds a bit petty, and maybe it is. But there are lots of excuses for not getting something done, but only so many of us show up on weekends and stay late when we need to.

Wow – that does sound petty and complaining.

AND when I got home the internet connection was not working.
(Obviously this has been rectified.)
But it is the first time this system had “failed” and I did not even know where a phone number was located.
In the end – turning off the modem thingy and starting it up again received whatever was ailing that machine.
Of course, it did not turn off when I pushed the button, and then held the button down for a while.
Unplugging it seemed to do the trick.

But I was yelling and carrying on – it was the straw that broke my back for the day.
Carl got an earful, then got an earful of download about work.

Now – instead of using the computer (which is what he was trying to do when I walked through the door) – he is banging away at the basement floor that is being removed.

So he is holding up his end of the bargain, and I had better slow any rants that might fly in his direction.
I think it is time to relax. (As much as you can with a hammer and chisel at work.)

2 Responses to “Ranting”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Many times it is JUST ONE MORE THING that pushes you over the edge. I know that feeling well!! (just call me Queen of the Rant)

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    Perhaps those grumpy muscles from the day before, plus being pulled off your main task added to the need to rant. Having ranted, I hope you’re feeling better. I also hope you don’t have to go to work today!

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