Just one of the possibilities for today. It did flurry at work yesterday, but nothing at home. I expect a repeat performance today.
The basement demolition is continuing, but at a slower pace. Two reasons; Jay’s back and Carl’s new job.

The back is doing better, thank you, and the tools are starting to look like fun again.

Carl is really enjoying the new job. A 2-year old girl with a good attitude. So far they have spent time at the Seattle Center, aquarium, and I think the zoo.

They seem to have clicked is a good description.

So, the Seahawks managed to get past the other Washington last week, and are heading to Atlanta. And so are our kids.

Tickets to the game were much more reasonable than the Redskins tickets, and still reasonably close, geographically. At least to Rey (TN). NYC for Ashlan is a bit further, and includes some buses. I don’t quite get the logistics, but they have a plan.

And tonight is my first ever yoga class. I tried to follow a DVD that came with the yoga mat. Let’s just say I may test the instructor’s patience.

There has been more, including an awesome dinner with friends from afar and their family. But we are getting close to work, so I should stop.

This has been a measurement of how much I can type on a smart phone in half an hour.

One Response to “Snow?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Trying to snow here, but I’m more worried about driving in the ICE tomorrow. (pathologically afraid of it) I can’t stand yoga; I thought I would love it, but discovered differently. GO SEAHAWKS!!

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