A Seattle Night Out

So, I have no real reason for not posting this yesterday, although I will give myself Friday evening off.

Friday we went on what is about as close to a date as we have ever done.
And it was a Seattle date to boot.

First of all, it rained the entire evening.
And not a nice little drizzle, or heavy mist.

Second, it started at the Space Needle.
We had dinner at Sky City, the restaurant at the top of the Needle, just underneath the observation deck.

Dinner at the Needle

Dinner at the Needle

This is only the second time we can recall having dinner here.
And the other “dinner” may have been breakfast. (It was that long ago.)
It is expensive, but the food was very good. (I had lamb chops, Carl had a New York steak.)
And you get to see the skyline. We went around at least 2 full revolutions during our time there (47 minutes per revolution).
Of course it was cloudy, and then it was dark, but the city lights were all visible. In fact, we ended up comparing the traffic level between the first and second time around.

Next it was down up to the observation deck, and down to the ground floor.
The ground floor includes the ubiquitous gift shop. We usually browse around, just to see what’s there.
This time we actually made a purchase, of another Seattle icon.
We got deeply discounted Seattle Sounder rain jackets. The Sounder’s season is over, so I guess it was time for the jackets to follow suit.

And finally, we departed the Seattle Center for downtown, via the Monorail.

Carl - monorail interior in background

Jay – rain on the window in the background

The Monorail was built for the 1962 World’s fair, and does the blocks between the Seattle Center and downtown in a dry and reasonably priced manner.

Carl - Monorail interior in the background

Carl – Monorail interior in the background

Back out into the rain for the final few blocks to Benaroya Hall.
We did not stop at the carousel, and the big Christmas Tree in Westlake Center is experiencing continued electrical problems, which means it is a decorated tree, but with no lights.

At Benaroya Hall we used the coat check for a few reasons.
1. We had the package with the Sounder jackets.
2. I was wearing a trench coat (thank you Jackie) and did not want to squish it into the theater seat.
3. Everything was wet.

Some friends of ours who are in the Seattle Women’s Chorus were part of a caroling group that was entertaining in the theatre lobby. We found them, and later they found us at our seats.

Janet & Lisa

Janet & Lisa

The main act was the Seattle Men’s Chorus, with Ana Gasteyer.
It was a good show, although a bit long. Part of the length was due to the guest star, who is only there for the two opening shows, and the potentially longer than usual chat including the recent passage of the Marriage Equality law in Washington.

Same-sex couples can now wed.
Well, almost now.
Starting on December 6th, they can apply for a marriage license.
December 9th is the first day wedding ceremonies can be performed.
The December 9th Seattle Men’s Chorus show is going to include two weddings.
One is for two women (Pete-e and Jane) who have been together for 35 years. They are the poster child for committed couples  in Seattle.  The other is for two men, who have not been named to my ears (because they are not as well-known I guess). I don’t know if they are starting early, ending late, or what – but it is sure to be one great big party.

Returning home, we hung out for a bit with our friend Dennis, who is in town showing a Twilight Zone marathon for the next week (at the Grand Illusion).

Saturday dawned, but I would not say early.
Still, it was not pouring, and I felt the need to run some errands, but also get some exercise.
So we set off for the mall, on foot.
The original plan was to walk to the shopping area, make some purchases, and take the bus home.
The first two parts of the plan worked out well, but the bus was slow in arriving, so we walked home as well.

QFC – on the way down.

QFC - Not!

QFC – Not!

About 8 miles in all, and time for a break.

At least I took a break.
Carl moved another car-load of boxes to the storage facility.

In the evening we went out for 3 episodes of the Twilight Zone.
Good fun, but when we got back we were both ready to be horizontal.

Today has been a bit quieter.
We actually started the demolition project by removing the Pope’s wall.
(The kids will know what this means anyway.)

Carl has managed one load to the storage facility, and I am finally getting around to updating the blog.
Oh – and reading the Sunday paper.
And watching the Seattle Seahawks not quite lose to the Chicago Bears, which means they won.

One Response to “A Seattle Night Out”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve never been to the Needle for dinner: I had heard it was overpriced, but as long as it’s good, I would put up with that. I love choral music and those choirs are supposed to be excellent!

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