Step Two

We took the first load over to the storage facility today.
The Prius held 16 boxes. We only took one car because I am still not lifting boxes, and it seemed like a good idea to get some of the boxes out of the house.

We labeled and listed contents while watching the Seahawks lose.
Then it was off on errands, along with everybody else in Seattle.
Including the guy driving the wrong way, at speed, down the one way street at the end of our block.
Sunny, no rain, clear, well signed – no excuse. (And he turned finally, before hitting anybody.)

These first boxes over contain some of Carl’s hobby.
All baseball oriented.
Years of card collecting, and more importantly, contacting players in writing over some of their notable accomplishments.

Sometimes the players ask you to donate a small amount to a charity they support, in return for answering your letter or signing a card. Carl does this sometimes, and we usually check to see that the charities are legitimate. Almost all seem like worthy causes.

One such player, Randy Jones, a pitcher (and Cy Young award winner), had not responded – even after the donation had been cashed. After about a year, Carl followed up with a second letter. He included his phone number, which he rarely adds.

This afternoon the phone rang. We now have caller ID, but I am not in the habit of looking at the display.
A deep voice asked for Carl. It was Randy Jones, calling to apologize for not following through on the request.

And so we are off to label and list more boxes for one more load over today.
This one looks to move beyond hobby and into books, maybe some clothes.
Carl is getting a workout, and I am doing the paperwork part.

And tomorrow, it will be back to the grindstone.

One Response to “Step Two”

  1. jane Says:

    how long did Carl keep Randy on the phone?

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