Playoff victory – which is really a loss

We gave it our full 90 at the Sounders game tonight. Actually, about 45 minutes before too.

We made it to the March, in time to see Leveque give the starting line-up.

Fun in the rain

During the March it was raining lightly, showers would be the technical Seattle term. As the game started it turned to rain, then a hard rain, and finally showers again. (I love all of the terminology that goes along with generally just being wet.)
We were actually attired with enough layers to be comfortable, but damp.

The Sounders played really well, energetically, and on the ball. We were up 2-0 and driving. Then the referee made a dubious call in the box which gave LA a penalty kick. The score ended 2-1, with the Sounders on the high side.

However, this was the second leg of a two let game.
LA won the first leg 3-0. So the Sounders needed to have a 3 goal edge to force overtime, and a 4-goal edge to win outright.

At 2-0, it all seemed possible, which is why the penalty kick awarded to LA was so devastating.
Carl was going on and on about how it should not have been called. It was on a hand ball in the box by a Sounder player. But it was caused when an LA player kicked the ball into his hand, rather than reaching out to deflect the ball. And it was not in a location that stopped a goal scoring opportunity, and did not change the course of play – except that it did. And in listening to the post-game on the way home, the Sounder’s coach said exactly the same thing Carl had said earlier.

OK – enough of our sports report.
We are drying out at home now. Popcorn for dinner. (Lunch was more substantial)

Time to curl up in a nice warm bed.

Season is over

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