Frisbee Friday

Friday was our (Carl & I) last day of vacation.
The plane left early enough on Saturday to not really count.

The first part of the day was driving back to the city from Cooperstown.
We generally rested and ate in the afternoon. Some good greek food if I recall correctly.

Then it was off for a walk along the East River to an ultimate frisbee game.
Rey and Ashlan ran to the game, while Carl & I stolled.

This is looking North with Manhattan on the left, Brooklyn on the right. There is a small Coast Guard boat speeding down the river. When it got closer you could see the gun mounted on the bow. [This is the same type of boat we see on the Puget Sound.]

We saw more than one party boat plying the river.

Jogging on the path is apparently the thing to do. We also saw fisherman, bikers and strollers.

The Williamsburg Bridge is visible past Carl (waiting for me to take yet another picture).

Ashlan plays in two leagues. The Friday night league is the “NYC Social League.” The teams are formed rather randomly from those that sign up, and you are expected to go out together after the game. We did cramp Ashlan’s style a bit on this Friday night, since she did not want to either dessert us or take us along.

Rey played as well, an unexpected treat. He made an impact, scoring a goal(?), and passing to help set up a few others. [Ashlan played well too, but they expected it of her. Rey was an unknown.] I did take some action photos, but the field lights were the portable work-light variety. They provided a bright light, basically horizontal to the ground, and directly into the eye of the camera. Not the best for photographs.

We walked back along the river again and got this view of the Williamsburg Bridge again, this time with lights.

The Empire State Building on the left. The vertical lights near the top are the same that I took a picture of looking up from the 86th floor a few days earlier.

Looking North again, with the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge connecting the boroughs.

It was finally time to head home (away from home) for final packing and setting the alarm to leave.

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