Balden? or Gold?

Hey – I’m on vacation.
You can’t expect me to find the time to sit down at a computer every day!

I think last time we had at least one child in attendance.
We drove downstate for a really early morning departure.

This was followed by a side trip to Cleveland.
Home of the Cleveland Cliffs.

Welcome to Cleveland

What? You didn’t expect more boat photos?
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was our first main attraction of the day.

Underground Railroad Guitar

There were decorated guitars all along the approximately 1 mile walk between Jacob’s Progressive Field and the museum.

Which (Progressive Field) was our second destination for a game between the Indians and Tigers.

Progressive Field – batting practice (only from the right-field stands)

Even at a ballgame at a distant park I am never far from thinking of work.

How to bring sewage home

During batting practice Carl managed to snag 3 baseballs, including one that was worth $10 in BP gasoline.

We finally retired to our seats.

See the sun glinting on the tarp in the background?

And then immediately went to the shelter of the entrance.

Driving rain

The rain delay was about 1/2 hour – before the game started.

Once we returned to the cabin, the routine was predictable.

Beach walk to the west.

Beach west

Beach walk to the east.

Beach East

Just another Gnome-com-poop.

Our friend

A lone Canada Goose trying to decide if we were worth avoiding.

Let’s call him Tregurtha

Sun rising over the top of the tree.

Checking out a recent nose job (courtesy of Carl and a frisbee).

Today’s adventures included a kayak trip to Cedar Point (on the beach, not in Ohio).


We saw mergansers.

A fowl trio

Potential invasive mussels??!? (This is a complete supposition, and we did not collect any samples)

Hundreds of these in Mosquito Bay

One of our main objectives was to look at the eagle nest and the eagles.
We were assuming bald eagles. We have seen the adults.

juvenile standing tall

But there are some on the beach that had earlier taken pictures in the same vicinity, and were pretty sure they saw golden eagles (banded by naturalists in the area).

From another angle – pretty sure this is a bald eagle

The controversy continues as juvenile bald eagles and golden eagles are similar looking. Especially from a distance.

As the afternoon lingers on, Carl is taking care of a few chores.

Sweeping sand – part of living on a beach

The Mariners are playing the Royals and Carl is rooting for the sweep.


please note that some of the preceding pictures have been taken by the Grand Pooh-bah

Time to get back down to the beach.

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