Coming Clean

The motel we are staying in advertises its nice bathing facilities.
This would be true for the room we are in. And they added some unintended humor this morning.

 Carl almost always takes baths.
So I told him that this bathtub had jets he could use.
After he had filled the tub, he was turning the silver bits on the side of the tub, and announced that he thought they might not be working. I had seen a timer on the main room wall earlier, so I turned the timer.

I felt as though I had thrown an electrical appliance into the tub.
The jets blasted off, making quite a noise and generally startling both of us.
After he calmed down, Carl enjoyed the bath.

 When it was my turn I opted for the shower.
Got the water going before I removed my glasses and got in.
When it came time to use the conditioner, I shook the bottle like I usually do. The conditioner is thick, and needs some assistance to get out of the bottle. In addition, I unscrew the cap, instead of trying to squeeze thick liquid in a stiff bottle through a small hole.

Did I mention we are at altitude? After being at a significantly lower elevation.
If you have ever travelled to a significant elevation, you may recall that the lower air pressure means that liquids are anxious to leave their containers, now lightly pressurized.

 Let us just say I ended up with enough conditioner for about four hair washes.

And when I was done, I tried to turn off the water. I managed to make it colder, but it took me a while to figure that “off” is not in a vertical position, but horizontal. Those nicely embossed words on the controller mean nothing to an almost blind person.

 The rest of the day? Well, we got to spend more time with family, going through pictures and sharing stories.

Carl’s Grandmother

We ventured out into the heat for lunch, but generally stayed close to home.

 OK – this may have seemed like TMI, or not worth sharing, but it was a amusing way to start the day.

2 Responses to “Coming Clean”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I almost always take baths too! I feel more in control than in a shower where I always manage to freeze or scald myself. 🙂

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    Sort of a busman’s holiday, only for the hydrologist. Don’t forget the “pervert”* law when opening a bottle at altitude.


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