Games of the Day

We watched the Spain vs France quarter-final Eurocup game at Soccer Taco on Market Square in downtown Knoxville.
We had been here at least once previously to watch a Sounders game, followed by Shakespeare in the square. Today’s game was OK. Spain won 1-0, but it was lacking in the continuous crisp passing that Spain is known for. There was some, just not as much as we had hoped.

The Square was jumping today. It is Pride-Fest Knoxville style. I am glad to see it in this area, where just a few days ago I read an editorial about “their lifestyle” being forced on everyone else.

Back home long enough to split a few games of Bananagrams.

Then off to a school yard for a game of soccer-basketball.
The boys that is. I did not have the head or feet for it today.

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Home for dinner and a conversation with the fourth member of our little family.
I love Skype.

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