Weekend Chores

The title is a bit misleading.
This weekend was errands/chores focused, but we did not do some heroic amount of chores.

Yesterday was focused on errands that required travel.
Today has been focused on chores closer to home.

For instance, I managed to pare 25 years of financial advice and records into 9 inches of file space. And it is more or less organized. I’ll bet I could have reduced it by a few more inches if I had the energy to really understand a few of the reports that I decided to keep.

We also reduced the house load by sending the violin to the east coast.
This lightens the load in the house only incrementally, but more importantly will mean that the sound of music may be heard again.

Carl managed to get the lawns mowed, despite the boot.
He also found a wasp nest growing in a kid’s playhouse in the back yard.
This will lead to an assault later this evening – step one in getting the house back for small human’s use.

The rhododendron files also continue.

Of course, focusing on home work meant that work work took a back seat for a few days.
Not my original plan, but plans are meant to be changed. (And I won’t feel the backlash until tomorrow.)

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