Weekend – the short one

First bit of business. The rhododendron files.



Saturday and Sunday have just about flown by.
It has been weird timing for me. We had two Mariner games – and I am not sure what else.
The Saturday game was at 4:10, but it was sunny and felt like a day game.
That is until I thought it was time for dinner and it was already 8:30.

Carl is back in the boot (the plastic variety – not leather), and so our long walks have been cut short.
We did decide we could just walk around the stadium, flat surface, and limited time.

We showed up early. Saturday we watched batting practice before setting out.
Sunday was little league day, so we hung out by the bull pen waiting for the rest of the stadium to open.

I noticed a few coffee thermos’ on top of the water cooler in the bull pen. It was still before noon, and I mentioned that it would be nice to have a cup. So Carl, shy retiring type that he is, yelled out the bullpen catcher to bring him a cup. The catcher laughed and headed out to the field to work with some of the pitchers. When he came back to the bullpen, with the pitchers, he went to the coffee and brought over a cup. (We had not asked again – so it was pretty special.) A few of the pitchers were giving him a bad time.

After finishing the coffee we set out on our walk.

Saturday we did about 1.3 miles around the stadium.
Sunday we did about 2.5 miles.

Here are the sights of

Signs from near the Right Field Entrance

The Seattle waterfront. This is our “Where’s Waldo” shot.
Can you find a Cruise Ship, Landstriders, Space Needle, Ferry, Sea Gull, Cargo (ready for loading), and a Ferris Wheel under construction.

Cargo Ship underway (in reverse actually)

Dave Niehaus from above.

Starbucks Headquarters

Carl working a camera. (Never leave these toys unattended.) [Century Link Field in the background.]

It was turn back the clock night, so we found a pay phone.

When Felix Hernandez pitches, there is a “King’s Court” area of the stadium.
Since the team was in Seattle Rainiers uniforms, the King’s Court was in red, about 1,700 strong.
They are waving “K” signs, as Felix is about to strike out another Angel.

Here is a Felix likeness from our walks.

Unfortunately, Pujols has joined the Angels.

So, we now have a glum Carl discussing the situation with Dave Niehaus.
Yes, they swept us right out of town.

Enjoy your Memorial Day

2 Responses to “Weekend – the short one”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Clever photos!! You really get around for having a man in a boot with you!

  2. kayak woman Says:

    A few years ago, there were pay phones in Hill Auditorium (or was it Rackham…) Wonder if they’re still there…

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