Sunday – (May 6th, less than a week late)

Sunday dawned early and bright. For Carl that is.
I decided to skip the first event of the day in favor of some additional shut-eye.

Carl launched for his old-man baseball game well before 8 AM.
I snored on.

I eventually rose about 9, and went about making myself feel human.
Surprisingly, this did not include coffee.
I did not feel I should make a full pot, and just did not do the one-cup maker.

A little work-out, a shower, a little breakfast, a few e-mails, and it was time to hit the road. On foot again, but this time heading for the bus.

The bus was not the express, and was also stopped by the University Bridge opening for boats to pass. [This should be expected as the Opening Day boat crowd was on the log-boom just the day before. I don’t think they were all able to pilot their boats back to their berths after a day of celebration on the water.]

I eventually arrived at the International District tunnel station near the stadiums. Carl arrived a bit before me and was waiting outside the Starbucks that is adjacent to and above the station. Finally obtained a cup of coffee, and a sandwich and yogurt parfait to boot. We sat in the sun for a few, and then departed for the baseball stadium once again.

The baseball game was enjoyed in the sun. The Mariners were playing the Twins, and despite Doumit’s 2 home runs for the Twins, the Mariners won 5-2.

Home again, and ready for the work week.

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