Saturday again – this time it is TODAY

Since I spent a good bit of time this morning trying to catch up for the last week on the blog, I thought I would take care of today – today.

The weather was spectacular today. It was cool in the morning, but the sun never left the sky (until it set). The morning was spent doing house-centric chores.

A bit after noon we walked a few houses down for a 1st-grader’s birthday party. A bit of fun, a bit of food, and a bit of chatting with neighbors and other folks.

Finally it was time to leave for the soccer game. Given the weather, we decided to walk. Our total today was 8.25 miles.

Since we had gone over Capital Hill the last two times, we decided to head through Fremont, up and over Queen Anne hill, and down to the waterfront.

We have been on higher hills than Queen Anne, but none are steeper (at least by the route that we took). We stopped at a greek restaurant on lower Queen Anne. This was after the first 5 miles. Good food. Enough to power us through the next 3.25 miles.

The game was rough, and in the end Real Salt Lake prevailed (1-0).
Off to the bus, for a crowded ride home.

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Tomorrow is supposed to be nicer than today.
The bluest skies you ever see are in Seattle

Happy Mother’s Day to Gene and Doris (and to all of you other mothers as well).

4 Responses to “Saturday again – this time it is TODAY”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    The Calder sculpture looks like it is sniffing the Space Needle. Grr, is this good to eat?

  2. jane Says:

    did you guys watch the Man City match this morning? SUPER exciting, with Man City scoring 2 goals (to win) in extra time.

    • raincharm Says:

      Sounds like a good highlight reel. We rarely get to see premier league games, (without finding them on-line) since we don’t have cable. And when Chelsea comes to town, we will be in Michigan.

  3. Ashlan Says:

    hahahaha “Carl likes the Sounders, looks like we should be drinking beer” – this is genius

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