Opening Day Oakland

So, it is finally the Mariner’s Stateside Opening Day.
I followed the game on the computer.

In an early inning I was getting dinner.
I came back to the computer and the bases were loaded with Mariners!
A good start.

And the game progressed, with mostly good things happening.

Getting close to the end of the game, and the phone rang.
I really expected it to be Carl.

Instead, it was a friend, saying he had just seen Carl on TV.
Since we don’t have cable, no luck  on this end.

Just spoke with Carl (hour later). He said Jason had tossed up the last warm-up ball to him, and apparently that was camera-worthy.
Not as dramatic as catching a home run, but then they were not sitting in fair territory tonight.

My day? You don’t want to hear about it. It maddening, boring, frustrating, and then a spark of light. Followed by a slog home, and a Mariner win.

One Response to “Opening Day Oakland”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My day was the same. Mom is still in the hospital, now my husband is running a fever after chemo–bah!! Can’t I just have a boring day, week, month?

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