Season opens in Japan

And we are here at Safeco field with several other fans. Currently in the 10th inning, tied 1-1.

Got up at 2 AM for the 3 AM first pitch.

A few offerings from this AM.

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The Mariners opened this opportunity for Season Ticket Holders, and let the first 170 that responded in. I think most of the major TV stations had people there. Channel 13 caught Carl on the way out. (That’s Channel 22-2 for us still on the rabbit ears.)

 Time for work. We’ll see what 3 PM feels like.

2 Responses to “Season opens in Japan”

  1. acourtois Says:

    Did you walk to the stadium? 😉

    • raincharm Says:

      Very funny.
      But almost made Carl walk to the bus tunnel.
      Luckily the game ended after 11 innings, and I had time to drive him home before going to work.

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