The cost of wildlife tours

Today started like many Mondays.

The alarm (TV) goes off. I hear it, listen to the first bit of traffic news and intend to get up.
Then I wake up (again), look at the clock and realize that I must now get up (for real), shower, and be ready to go in about 15 minutes. Mondays are almost becoming predictable.

What was a bit different today was that it was a “holiday” and my carpooler was taking the day off. I was on my own, but thought traffic would be light. I was correct.

But then I spotted the traffic advisory sign that said,

“I-5 South exit to I-90 Eastbound Closed.”

I took a bit of time (seconds really) to process this information.
Which way am I travelling, and which way do I want to go on I-90?
I determined that this was my route, and that they probably were not playing an April Fool’s joke on the early morning (not sooo early) commuters.
I seemed to remember a traffic report in my first awakening about a motorcyclist that went from the I-90 exit, back down onto the southbound I-5 lanes. But the accident had happened in the wee hours. Still, I chose to believe the sign.

Quick decision time.
I do know how to get around the freeway to freeway exit, but it entails driving quite a while on City streets. No school today, but there would undoubtedly be others doing the same maneuver. So I opted for the other freeway to eastbound freeway bridge.

This used to be my primary morning commute route. That was until the end of the year when tolls started on this bridge (SR 520), but not on the I-90 bridge. I choose to avoid the $3.50 toll unless traffic is indescribably bad. Or blocked.

Exiting east, traffic was still very light.
As I drove onto the bridge I remembered that this was my prime eagle and heron spotting route. Looking about – there he/she was. The bald eagle perched on a light standard over the freeway, checking the Lake Washington waters for salmon. Or maybe some other tasty morsel.

The sighting made the costly detour not a total loss.

And I am sorry to report, the motorcyclist paid an even dearer price.

2 Responses to “The cost of wildlife tours”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Glad about the eagle, but sorry about the motorcyclist. 😦 I’ve always been terrified of motorcycles.

  2. Shelly Says:

    Jay! Don’t quite know exactly what search path led me to your blog, but I used to live down the street from you back in the early 90’s. We had one daughter at the time, Jackie, and she still remembers us taking a Thanksgiving turkey to your house in a stroller!
    We moved several times after leaving Seattle, but have been living in Wichita, Ks (of all places!)since 1994. We have a total of three kids (Jackie 22, Carly 19, and Derek 15), Jackie is living in Cali going to film school, Carly is attending college here locally, and Derek is a sophomore in HS. Carl would be pleased to know that he is an avid baseball player, and has been taking pitching lessons from ex- Mariners Brad and Brian Holman for years now!Still maintain that Pacific Northwest connection in a little way!
    I have very fond memories of our time in Seattle, and of your family. Do you have a Facebook? I have one but am not very active on it, but would love to add you!
    Shelly Begane

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