The day just keeps going

Today was an aberration to my normal routine.
This was good in an interesting sort of way. Interesting to me because it was so different from the norm. It had a different feel. But in the end, it was just a day of one errand after another.

Woke up at essentially the same time as a normal work day.
Coffee and yogurt for me.
Eggs and a little white pill for Carl.

We were off on our first adventure of the day.
I didn’t know exactly where we were going, but Carl did.
But that little white pill made Carl a bit off the straight and narrow, and there were some interesting directions being provided.

“It will be a right turn, but you have some time to change lanes.”
a few blocks later
“Turn left here – left, all the way.”

This continued until we were safely into the parking garage.
But then we had to get out of the parking garage to a building across a few street corners. Once I managed to steer us in a general direction Carl was able to get us to the correct building.

Safely in the periodontists’ office, Carl was put in their care. I pulled out my computer and commenced to make their waiting room my office away from work. I actually got quite a bit done in the few hours we spent there.

Carl came out with a prescription for more fun drugs and an ice-pack.
After a stop for coffee, we went to our HMO to get said drugs.

The drugs that were probably more important were the antibiotics.
But there was the prescription for the pain meds. Should we or shouldn’t we.
We often get them, and always have many left over. So Carl asked if he could get only about 1/4 of what was prescribed. The pharmacist went along with the request, after warning Carl that he would not be able to get the rest if he changed his mind.

Then one final stop at a grocery store for a few items. Carl walked to the grocery store while I retrieved the car. The idea was to meet up in the grocery store parking lot. Good in theory, but there was a fire truck, delivery truck, and lots of other cars. I parked and went in search of my wayward charge. One more grocery store and it was time to go home. And it was only noon.

Finally back home for a bit of lunch. I did not even have time to do more than replug in the computer before it was time to leave again.

This time the orthodontist was the goal. They had to reput his brace wires on (and one fake tooth back in). This trip did not take as long and I amused myself in the waiting room with Soduko.

Then he wanted to do just one little side trip (only 100 blocks north and 45 blocks west). But he had been such a good little patient, that I drove him to his store. Then it was off to gasoline alley, and home once more.

Finally connected with work via VPN, only to discover nobody knew where I was. I had checked out with my boss, but he had been at offsite meetings most of the day. A bit of work done, and dinner was in front of me. Then a bit more work.

I don’t think I got in my full 8 hours for the day, but it was getting late enough that I decided it was time to stop.

Then it dawned on me that I should really get reservations for our first vacation of the summer, still over three months away. The sites that I was playing with told me the hotel I wanted was not available for our dates. I looked at some others, reading some reviews, generally getting nowhere close to a decision. Then it dawned on me that I should try the hotel site itself. And low and behold – there were rooms available. Hmmmmm. Reservations made. Now it was really time to get off of the machine.

Except to blog (of course).

Carl is fine. No pain meds taken, yet. Of course, there is the cut on his head that he got doing dishes. It was a cupboard door that leaped out and bit him.

And now, I really am going to shut this down. This day has had a veneer of rain to add to the just keep moving feeling. Starting with fine mists in the morning, it changed to full blown deluge by the end. What else should I expect from a February day in our corner of the country.

One Response to “The day just keeps going”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    We hope that Carl’s recovery is quick. Summer vacation plans, yeah!

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