Baseball Season Begins!

So what if it still feels like winter.
I think it still feels like winter when the regular season games start in April.
And I seem to remember some snow-outs a few years ago.

Baseball season is upon us because

1) It is Fan Fest Weekend in Seattle
2) Practice is starting for both younger and older guys.

On Wednesday Carl was at a batting cage with his contemporaries.
Today Carl was at a batting cage pitching to high school kids.

In between, we went to FanFest. This was the first time I can recall going without a small child in tow.
It was still fun, and perhaps more so because we didn’t have to worry about keeping a small child engaged.

It begins

First order of business. Meet the newest Mariner.
Another Montero for Seattle. The other is Freddie, as in Sounder striker.

Jesus Fish, er ... Jesus Montero and Mike Carp (2 left seated)

After a bit of food, and chatting with fellow baseball enthusiasts we started our meandering wander.
The first wander was in the direction of a deadend, but it afforded this view.

Waiting for us to participate

The first bit of participation was to try hitting a home run.
In this case it was from the outfield, off of a tee, with a “soft” baseball

The Wind-Up

And the blast to our seats (actually 2 rows past our seats)

The “home run” really did land about 2 rows behind our seats (over the Boeing logo)




Onward – back to more hitting. Excuse the next picture. It was difficult to be safe, and get a good pic.

Felix (you can't see the picture) pitching to Carl

Next up was a tour of the Mariner’s Locker Room

Left Side —
 An individual locker, just because.

Felix Hernandez, with a Bernandez bobble-head on the shelf

We had to check in with Dave (Niehaus)
Finally – back to our family, and the brick we got to memorialize the new stadium.
We came away with some autographs, and a bat. They have a “Garage Sale” where they sell used items. There were four bats. Three had obvious cracks. The fourth looked and sounded whole. It is a Jose Vidro bat. Since he left suddenly, it could be that there were just some left around. Or, it has a crack and we just could not find it.

We ran into several folks that know Carl. Friends, other fans, Safeco Field workers. Kind of like old home week. Or day.

2 Responses to “Baseball Season Begins!”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    So when exactly is opening day, this year?

    • jay Says:

      Mariner Opening Day is March 28th. In Tokyo.
      Then there is the Mariner continental states opening day on April 6th. In Oakland.
      Then finally, there is the Mariner home opener on April 13th. In Seattle. (Friday the 13th)

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