Book Day

Today it was back to hitting the books.
All I can say is – gee, we have a lot of books.

Started getting into clearing out the kids rooms (of books) and the study. Other odds and ends. This means that pretty soon we will be able to start the distribution process for those not staying long term.

As I move around the house it still looks quite cluttered.
But when I look closer I can see that there are many spaces where the back clutter is being cleared out. Still a daunting task ahead.

Maybe this week I will try to conquer either my clothes or old filing.

The biggest fun for the day was trying to see how much we could cram into the recycle bin. And our neighbors bin. We only have 2-3 bags of stuff that didn’t fit. I could really use a weekly recycle run (instead of bi-weekly).

One Response to “Book Day”

  1. jane Says:

    we have a place locally that will take your used books, sell what they can and donate the rest. AND they pick up at your door. and when you first register with them you pick a non-profit where a portion (5% maybe?) of your sales go to.

    check it out – maybe there’s an organization like that near you. having them pick up is WONDERFUL!

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