Ashlan’s Room

I took a vacation day today. Mostly.
One small moment on-line to work to get an e-mail out the door.

Other than that it was pretty much a day at home.
Unfortunately, Rey & Carl are both a bit under the weather, so there was not much drive to get out and about. Ashlan was feeling fit, and since she is leaving (as I write I imagine she it getting onto the plane) my plans for the day focused on her.

That meant doing the crosswords without her (she was still in bed).
But then it meant filling out some paperwork, while she was in town.

And then …. the big room pack.
Now, we did not really pack up the room, but we did do a lot of sorting.
There is still a lot to go through, but we made major progress.

Ashlan's Room

Mostly we went through things that arrived back from school.
And clothes gathered over many years. And shoes. And shoes. And shoes.

The sort choices were 1) Keep, 2) Sell, 3) Throw away.
If you look at the picture you will not see the Throw away bags, which were dragged downstairs.
The boxes on the bed are Sell.
The pile to the left of the bed is Keep. (about 1/3 the size of sell)
There is more out of camera range, but this gives an idea of what we did accomplish.

The not gone through stuff includes a lot of course work from college.
There are also books (will not sell), and magazines (destined for throw away).

And there are the notebooks in the bottom drawer that I have been instructed to keep, and not read.

Heck, I just went through a personnel issue at work, where I had access to all sorts of paperwork, and I did not read any of it. ETHICs.

So – now it is Rey’s turn at the sorting Mom.
And he is ready, but his room is much less daunting.

4 Responses to “Ashlan’s Room”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m envious of your organized room. I need to have my daughters do this too!!

  2. regenaxe Says:

    Rey, stay away from the Sorting Mom! Use the sorting hat instead.

  3. jane Says:

    and by ‘throw away’ the magazines I’m sure you mean ‘recycle’. heck – it IS Seattle. you could probably get a ticket if you just toss them!

  4. RegenAxe Says:

    How and who gets to do the selling? Sounds daunting.

    –The late-arising half of RegenAxe

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