Merry Christmas Everyone

Christmas day is well near the end.
It has been a good day all-in-all.

We started by sleeping in. At least by Christmas morning standards.
I am sure everyone has an extremely early rising story associated with young children.
I remember Pooh & I getting up, dressed, and then waking up Mom and Dad, at about 4:30 AM.
We were sent back to bed. For the years after that I think we were given a 7 AM time for getting up.
I believe we had a similar occurrence in our house, although I have a hard time remembering the details.

Breakfast included the cream cheese twist Ashlan & I retrieved from Larson Bakery yesterday.
And coffee.

Then it was to the tree and presents.
I believe everyone was well satisfied. A short fashion show for a few of the items.

Next up was making the pumpkin pie.
It all started out so innocently. Mixing the pumpkin filling, rolling out the dough, and laying the crust in the pie plate. Pouring the filling into the crust. Looking at it closely and thinking, “Something is not right.”
Checking out the recipe, I realized the milk had not been added.
We attempted to put the filling back into the bowl, but this meant sacrificing the crust.
And finding a store that was open to get the milk. (Yeah – found one.)
But then there was not time to finish the pie before we went out to see a movie.

Movie = Tin Tin.
It was a worthy movie. I’ll give it 4 stars.
The kids read the Tin Tin books when they were young, and felt the movie stayed pretty true to the book.

Home again, and this time finished the pie adventure.
This was quickly followed by dinner preparations.

Christmas pales by comparison to Thanksgiving preparations at our house.
Ham instead of Turkey, and many fewer side dishes. But food is not the main point.

So we are into the evening. And the pie.
Time is winding down, and we are happily discussing the days events.

tomorrow? Probably heading downtown for boxing day.
If we are successful we will post a picture or two.

4 Responses to “Merry Christmas Everyone”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Wonderful photos! I had trouble with my sugar cookies this year which was shocking. First pair of blue jeans? EVER?

  2. regenaxe Says:

    Merry Christmas to you and thans for all of the great loot! -M

  3. regenaxe Says:

    -I’m sure M meants to say thanks, but maybe his ‘K’ key is all worn out from quick text responses, K?

    With the question mark, that sounds like it should be Spanish. What?


  4. kayak woman Says:

    One year, I got a horrific gastrointestinal bug in the wee hours of December 23rd and spent the whole next day on the Green Couch sucking ice chips. By the afternoon of the 24th, I was still not interested in food but was ambulatory enough to walk to the Plum Market. Where I found gorgeous little desserts at the in-store Zingerman’s Bakehouse. Bought a few of those and have never bothered to even think about making a pie since. Liberating experience.

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