Catching Up

The kids have been home for 3 days now.
At least Rey has.
Ashlan was home for a several hours of sleep, followed by a quick trip north, and is now back again.

Some things have not changed.
They “fight” for the place in front of the heater vent, and call me the Keeper of the Ice Cave.
[What is funny, is that I think my mother keeps their house really cold.]

They also complain about having their picture taken.

Hide or Hideous

But they don’t have the focus to keep paying attention to me.

I think the shopping has been completed, so we can all relax and spend some time together now. Weather permitting we may try and walk for some Christmas treats (Larson Bros. Bakery)

Christmas Tree 2011

Carl worked Monday-Wednesday, with a smidgen on Thursday.
Jay worked all week, but short days for the last few.

Today’s highlight was buying the Christmas ham.
Honeybaked Ham that is.

In our fair metropolitan area that means going to the Bellevue store, figuring out how to get into a parking spot while surrounded by many other cars and people intent on the same task. The store is in a small storefront surrounded by very expensive car dealers, a ski tune-up store, and something else. There is a US Bank close by, with a tow truck at the ready.

The line was not too long today, probably 40 minutes in all.
But it will be worth it. Met a nice woman from New York City (originally – been here for 25 years). The line is always a good place to make at least one acquaintance. I should have been keeping track over all these years. It might make a good story if they were all pieced together.

Taste of India for dinner.
Only 9 o’clock and both kids are out.
I think this has more to do with Eastern time zone than our running them ragged.

2 Responses to “Catching Up”

  1. Margaret Says:

    East Coast time made early bedtimes for Ashley when she first came back. Great photos–I love the funny ones! Your tree is beautiful. I make acquaintances in lines too; it helps to pass the time. Our girls love the fireplace on, even when it heated up the downstairs to 74 degrees today. (I made them turn it off!)

  2. regenaxe Says:

    Love your tree — looks very similar to ours. Love you, Doris!

    Keeping track of the kids can be a task. Last night, the boys went out to dinner, and they each brought a friend. It sounded like it was an interesting conversation. One of the friends is now subbing in the district, and she and I have been in the same school on a few occasions.

    Honeybaked Hams — so good, and the line is always long. One year I ended up parking in a neighborhood behind the store, but a 3 or 4 block walk around to the store. Very long walk back, hugging that delicious ham.

    Kids out @ 9:00! My kids are going out the door at 10:30 and coming back in in the wee hours. We still love having them here.

    Love, Pooh

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