Day 3

That is day 3 at home.
I think Carl is starting to run out of ideas of how to keep me entertained. To that point we are currently watching “The Big Lebowski.” This is not the first viewing, but Carl was in the mood.

We did do some shopping today.
A bit for us, and a bit for others.
Not too much into the throngs of shoppers, except when we went near the Pike Place Market. That was to get a bit for us. Coffee to be exact. Seattle’s Best #4. I dropped Carl off to run into the store. With the large number of shoppers around, we did not think it was a good plan to spend 30 minutes trying to find parking for a 5 minute errand. So, Carl exited, and it almost took me 5 minutes to make the next turn onto the street that parallels the Market stalls. At the corner there were pedestrians crossing in front of me, at 90 degrees to me (where the turn would go), and then, when I finally made the turn, walking directly in front of me. (Must have a really quiet car.) Once around the block, and he entered the car again. Of course, I had to do the dance one more time to get away from the area.

Tonight’s entertainment is to be the Seattle Men’s Chorus, with Megan Hilty.
Our review of the show will come later.

6 Responses to “Day 3”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I hate the traffic around PPM, but love the place. The FRENCH BAKERY!! I’ve heard great things about the Seattle Men’s Chorus.

  2. regenaxe Says:

    Rey, just anounced that he was going to shower, but Anne was already in the bathroom. I told him that I would alert the media. Consider yourself alerted.

    • jay Says:

      Well, he grew up with 2 showers, and now lives alone. I can’t remember the shared apartment set-UPS, but perhaps he was the King.

  3. regenaxe Says:

    tattoo taboo?

  4. regenaxe Says:

    Rey’s back in TN

    • jay Says:

      Thanks – I assume that means “home” rather than western TN.
      As for the earlier comment, there will eventually be pictures.

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