Update: I missed putting a title at first, but Carl noted todays date. So many were excited about 11/11/11. I think this is even better, even though it is not quite the same back and forwards.

Yesterday was sort of lost to me.
Not all bad, just lost.
It started following about a 12-hour sleep. Really.
I laid down to relax before dinner. And then I got really confused when Carl came to bed because I thought it was time to get up for work. Wrong on all counts. Time to go to bed, not a work day.

We did take a nice long walk with a few errands thrown in the mix. And when I took us further in one direction that we needed to go, by accident, it must have been so Carl could do a good deed for the day. There was a woman, probably in her 80’s or so, trying to carry a floor lamp to the lamp store. She was close, but stopping to rest, so Carl offered and then carried the lamp into the store for her. The entire walk was probably four miles or so. And we got a couple of movies. Watched The King’s Speech. A good movie. Still to come is My Favorite Year.

Today started after a more normal night, in which Carl sleeps several hours in a row.
He has been fighting a cold, and sleeping with a plugged nose and C-Pap machine is a trick.

We did a job that has been on our to-do list for some time.
Measuring the basement. This is associated with the remodel, and two people measuring is just not all that efficient. Add stuff piled everywhere against walls, and that little tape measure, pencil, clipboard balancing act can become just a bit much. And you would think we could remember 3 measurements without writing them down. But we finished, and now I need to translate these scratches to a drawing.

So we celebrated with a walk. Actually a drive-walk-drive. We have walked to the grocery store frequently enough, but with pumpkin and turkey on the list, I did not feel like carrying quite that much weight. So we drove to the grocery store, left the car and walked from there to do two other errands. Then the grocery shopping.

Bonus at the grocery store was two different fire trucks. One when we returned from our other errands. They were tending to somebody that was having a sinking spell (so it appeared). The second when we left the grocery store – a ladder truck, doing their shopping. [It takes so little to make our life more exciting.]

Now we are waiting for dinner to cook. (I am waiting, Carl was cooking. Turkey meatloaf to be precise. Mmmm)

We have two plans for T-Day. Plan A – Long walk.  Plan B – Cook a turkey dinner.
Plan A is the going in position, but the forecast is for rain. (Imagine that. Rain in November in Seattle.)
So we got a turkey and a pumpking. We are holding the trimmings to just a few. Since we are less than a few.
[If we go with Plan A, the second part of Plan A is cooking the turkey dinner on Friday.]

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